Can you introduce yourself and your role within EEZZ?

Hi, I'm Marte, 30 years old and have been working at EEZZ since 2020. My role within the company is Front Office Coordinator; a position that is very varied. For example, I have contact with our owners, manage the calendar and take care of completing all preparatory work. No day is the same! This is where I get my motivation from within my position.

What does your job entail and what is an essential skill that someone in your role needs?

Together with our cozy team we are ready for all our guests, owners and interested in renting through EEZZ! When you call EEZZ you will often get one of my colleagues on the line. In my position I make sure that everything runs smoothly and is ready for execution as soon as it is needed.

In addition, I am happy to answer all owners' questions and concerns about (potential) rentals. Finally, I make sure everything is put in order before the start of the rental at each property! So keeping a good overview is important.

Do you have a favorite motto?

"If you focus on sh*t, sh*t grows. If you focus on yourself, you grow."

This is a motto that applies to both areas and always makes everyone in the office laugh. When the season is back in full swing, the office can get quite busy, but thanks to humor and the office atmosphere, our team can handle anything!

What is the best part about working at EEZZ for you?

Our team is really characterized by a strong bond and togetherness, resulting in a special and pleasant working atmosphere. This mutual bond very much contributes to a positive atmosphere in our office! This positive dynamic is not only felt internally, but is also noticeable to all our guests and owners creating a warm, welcoming and approachable atmosphere in the company.

What is a memory within EEZZ that you will never forget?

That must be the TAP23 conference in Valencia, organized by one of our software partners within the company. During this event, the latest trends and innovations within the recreation industry were presented. We participated in several learning sessions that gave us a great insight into the current developments in the industry. This experience was not only very educational, but also inspiring. It also provided a valuable opportunity to expand our network and share knowledge with professionals in the field. And of course to incorporate these innovations and other industry professionals to further expand EEZZ's services.